Monday, September 20, 2010

"So, I stopped dreaming..."

"....So, I stopped dreaming"
"What do you mean you 'stopped dreaming?' Last I remember, you were one of those lucid types. You fucking lived for dreaming."
"I dont really know. I just stopped having dreams."
"Is everything alright?"
"I think so. I mean, its not like my brain just shut off. I kind of stopped dreaming, and started thinking."
"...I dont think I understand..."
"Well, I mean I started thinking. I'm not sure if I can explain it.."
"I just started thinking. . About everything. Like; why are we spending 300 billion on defense and military equipment when people are dieing of starvation? When we could pool that money towards other things, like research for cures to major diseases...or space research... or something to benefit people as a whole... I guess it just boils down to people dieing every day, and we have others just watching it happen. The worst part is that I don't even feel like I can so anything, or that I even should do anything. Like its the natural circle of things."
"Thats what you think about?"
"Not just that, I think about everything."
"All the time?"
"Whats it like?"
"Its okay I guess. I kind of feel powerless, like I can't do anything about anything."


"..Hey, bro?"

"...I miss my dreams."


  1. Wow...That made me think of what it would be like not to dream and how much that would suck...I love my dreams haha

  2. That is really, really good. I'm impressed. Definitely gonna be reading more.

  3. Made me think the same way as gopher. I would hate not having dreams.

  4. i find its best not to think too much

  5. This story is getting deep.

  6. I'd have to agree with Gopher and Souf. Not dreaming would be bad.