Sunday, September 19, 2010

An interview with the subconscious.

"So, dreamer, tell me a little about yourself... Let's start with your name,"

"Sure, thats a good a place as any. My name is Eric. Eric Smith."

"I see. And let me get this straight - your a lucid dreamer. Someone who can, at the very lowest levels participate in their dreams?"

"Yeah, that is correct... But you make it out to be some sort of super power, when its just a form of conditioning and subconscious suggestions to myself that make me aware of my dreaming when I dream..."

[Interviewer ignores his statement]

"...And at the highest form you can actively control your dream? Giving you power over whatever you want?"

"Well, yes, but this isn't some sort of superpower, or metaphysical abnormality, or even some sort of psychic latency..."

[Once again the interviewer seems to fail to hear the second part of his statement.]

"So you effectively do whatever you want in your dream?"


"So you admit to doing whatever you so please?"

[A pause.]

"...I suppose."

"So what makes you so special?"

"I'm sorry, I don't think I understand what yo-"

"I mean what puts you above law? Above morals? You go from dream to dream, murdering, stealing, killing, raping, and doing whatever you see fit, whatever seems to be fun. How do you think this is for the people in your dreams? Did you even stop to think how they - how WE feel? Do you know what its like living in fear? Of waiting in your little subconscious world for you to get tired and come destroy whatever it is that we work so hard to make? DO YOU?"


"Well we all are waiting dreamer. Awaiting the day where exhaustion keeps you from your power. And oh, the fun we'll have then.... so just keep dreaming your dreams, and doing whatever you like. Just wait...."

"...One night dreamer, one night..."


  1. I can lucid dream and do it often.

  2. Same, I love lucid dreaming.
    The downside is that I wake up just as exhausted as I was when I went to sleep :/