Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm thinking about going into more military related writings, what do you guys think?
Here's somewhat of a tease.

Choose federal law enforcement.
Choose the military.
Choose the Army Intel, or the CIA.
Choose lying to your superiors.
Choose to ruin your career.
Choose to have no friends.
Choose to have no love.
Choose life through the bottom of a bottle.
Choose destroying evidence and killing innocent people simply because they know too fucking much.
Choose black fatigues, with a matching gasmask.
Choose a government issued MP5 loaded with glasers and a range of attachments.
Choose to follow mind numbing, sanity crushing orders, wondering if you'd be better off eating your own barrel.
Choose a 9MM retirement plan.
Choose going out with a bang.
Choose screaming 'Fuck you' at the end of it all.

Choose one last night at the Opera


  1. Life through the bottom of a bottle sounds fun. BTW you can turn off captcha for your comments by going to settings/comments/scroll down. It saves time for all :D

  2. dont know to much they much F'n kill you xD

  3. You'd be one dangerous guy in the military

  4. @brbgensokyo

    I actually am in the military, I work in intelligence.

    Haha :)

  5. Choose the big tv =] Choose live

  6. interesting post, kind of depressing though