Sunday, September 19, 2010

Looking for ideas!

Alright guys, I've started posting a few things already, but so far they have been unrelated thoughts. Would you guys be more interested in a series, or in this short little snippets that I've been posting? Would you guys rather read psychological stuff (much like the dreamer interview), or more political/satirical work? Let me know on here in the comments! And if you guys are reading this, but don't have a blogger account, get at me at!

Thanks guys!



  1. post your everyday life :P

    followin to see what you up tu

  2. youre still starting out, try a bunch of different ideas, any time you get any idea blog it. find out what catches on the most then focus more on that until you have one defined theme with your blog

    daily support is daily

  3. Something related to criminology... Im just saying that cause im doing some homework.. But yeah, choose something meaningful and thought provoking!

  4. I'm in the same boat as you, but I think it will all come together after a few weeks... Keep up the good work!